► How does this work?

Binary Bicycles is a place where you can order a frame design and have it built to your order.  The advantage of doing it this way is that you have a frame built for you, without having to worry about stock and availability.  It saves the sometimes year or more wait to get a frame the traditional way.

► Why do it this way?

It’s a bit different way of getting a bike frame.  I think the advantages are cost savings, increased availability, pride in owning a beautiful and unique product, and being able to get the bike you want, the way you want it, when you want it. Plus, frames can be ordered with different characteristics and built to order.  For example, a certain design may have two bottom bracket height options.  Choose the one you prefer and have that one built.

► Do you build frames?

No. The frames are custom built to your order using different builders overseas and in the US.  The frame costs will vary depending on the builder, as will other factors such as warranty and return policies.  This site will help with reviews and build logs discussing the advantages of different companies.

► How long to get a frame?

It’s going to vary depending on the builder and where your order comes into their build schedule.  For the Asian companies I have worked with, the average is about 45 days.

► How many designs do you have?

New designs will be rolling out as design files are completed, and prototypes are built and tested.   Right now I have several designs, including trail hardtails, bikepacking bikes, 27.5+ and 29+ designs, gravel, XC, and drop-bar MTBs in the design process.

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