2021 Frame Pricing Structure Update

Titanium chainstays on top of bike frame drawing.

We receive great satisfaction in being able to provide you with high quality, custom titanium frames at an affordable price, and we’re looking forward to being able to continue to do just that!

New Pricing Structures Effective February 20 March 31 ~ Extended!

Despite the significant increase in manufacturing and international shipping costs in early 2020, we chose not to pass that price increase along to our customers. However, if we want to continue providing versatile, modern, and beautiful bike frames at an affordable price ~ and we do! ~ it became clear we needed to make some slight changes.

Custom Frames:

Your order of a custom frame allows you to choose certain frame features. For example, frame finish, axle spacing, cable routing, dropout style, brake mount style, etc. You’ll also have the valuable option of working with George to fit your frame size just for you.

Bicycle frame seat tube geometry numbers shown in a CAD drawing.

It’s imperative for us to get everything right with your frame. Therefore, significant time is spent on your frame drawing before final approval for metal to be cut. Production time for your custom frame may be up to 12-14 weeks.

What constitutes a ‘custom’ frame? Any change to a standard frame.

Pricing: $2,199

Standard Frames:

The standard frames will be built using the specs shown on the geometry chart for each design and will not include customization. Any change request to a standard frame will be considered a custom frame.

Binary Bicycles frames on rack showing hand-brushed finish with laser logos.

Standard frames will have a hand-brushed finish with laser logos and will optimize features appropriate for the design. For example, triple boss mounts on the top and bottom of the down tube, external cable routing, rack mounts on the Havok, etc.

Standard frames are hand-built to order, at least for now. Production time for your standard frame may be up to 8-10 weeks.

Pricing: $1,699

In-Stock Frames:

Throughout the year, we’ll also be working toward having frames in stock.  This will provide an opportunity for immediate shipment with no production wait time and will be priced at our standard frame pricing.

Binary Bicycles SSP frames on production rack showing hand-brushed finish with laser logos.

Quantities of in-stock frames will be limited, so you’ll want to act quickly when you see an announcement that a particular design is in stock!

Pricing: $1,699

Above all, we appreciate your continued support and interest in Binary Bicycles! We’re very grateful for our customers and fans. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for all of you. We’re also thankful for a supportive community and the wonderful small businesses that have collaborated with us. We truly value the friendships we’ve made along the way!

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