A Weekend Out With Binary Bicycles

Fall has finally arrived, and it appears there’s a few of us taking full advantage of it on Binary bikes!  We thought it would be fun to share with you some of the adventures that occurred this past weekend!

Photo credit: Jack Kirby

To kick it off, Brian flew in all the way from Michigan to pick up his new rainbow Chuparosa, exquisitely built by Mark at Sun & Spokes Bicycle Shop in Sierra Vista.  We heard it was a surefire case of love at first sight!

Photo credit: Brian DeBlanc

Brian spent 2-1/2 days bikepacking with a group of friends from New Mexico on Mt. Lemmon ~ what a great way to get acquainted with your new bike! ~ before meeting up with George, Mark, and Dave on Saturday to celebrate Arizona Trail In a Day.

Brian on his new Chuparosa; George on the SSP set up with gears; and, Mark on his Kinetik. Photo credit: Dave Downey

To get in on the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the National Trails System Act, George signed a group of us up to participate in the Arizona Trail In a Day event, in which ‘hikers, runners, mountain bikers and equestrians gathered on the Arizona National Scenic Trail (AZT) to collectively complete the entire length of the 800-mile trail in a single day’.

We had two teams with a total of 10 mountain bikers traversing 50 miles of the AZT!  Binary Bicycles Team OldenPhat (our team of 7) conquered the 30-mile Black Hills portion of the trail, Passage 14 – Sections 24, 25 and 26, from the Tiger Mine Road Trailhead to the Freeman Road Trailhead.  Cooler temperatures made for a brisk and fantastic morning launch.  In fact, Mark was enjoying his ride so much, he just had to ‘stop’ for an up-close-and-personal moment with the trail.

Soil samples were taken, cattle tank water was filtered, giant dill pickles were consumed, and desert tortoise crossings were rightfully observed.

Dave and Mark wait for the tortoise crossing in Passage 14f.

It was obvious by the stories being shared around the ice chests at the end of the day that great fun, lasting memories, and tall tales were made!

The Team OldenPhat crew ~ Jack, Jenny, and Dave from New Mexico; Brian from Michigan; and, George, Mark and Dave, the Arizonans. Maybe ‘OldenPhat’ wasn’t the best name for this team?!

While Team OldenPhat made their way across the Black Hills, Binary Bicycles Team Jalene (my team of 3) made our way through the 20-mile ‘Boulders’ Tortilla Mountain portion of the trail, Passage 15 – section 27, from the Freeman Road Trailhead to the Florence-Kelven Highway via a bailout point off the AZT a couple miles north of the Tecolote Wash connector.

Jalene, Patricia, and Rose were smiles for miles along their ride! Photo credit: Patricia Fackrell

My go-to bike as of late has been the SuperB, but it was out on loan for a couple of weeks.  So, for my pre-ride of this section a week ago, I was on my Salsa Spearfish running 2.2s.  My tire slid out and caused me to have one of my worst crashes so far.  Let’s just say I was elated to have the SuperB on 27.5″ wheels back in time for my ride on Saturday!  George set me up with a 2.8 in the front and a 2.6 in the rear, and it was like riding a magic carpet!  It was so stable and confidence inspiring, and it felt every bit as compliant as my full-suspension bike.  It was crazy fun!

Our fun meter was pegged with a full morning of riding one of the sweetest sections the Arizona Trail has to offer, stopping along the way to savor both the amazing views and our sweet and salty snacks.  Before we knew it, we’d reached our commitment point of the Tecolote Wash connector.  All that was left for us was to make our way north a couple more miles along the AZT, and then bail out and blast along two-track roads to our shuttle vehicle parked at Flo-Kel!

The carsonite sign at Team Jalene’s official end point, Tecolote Wash connector.

Still further north on the Arizona Trail, Beto, Shannon, and their friend, Mark conquered the demanding 38 miles southbound along the Alamo and Gila River Canyons portion of the trail, Passages 16 and 17, Sections 30, 31, 32, and 33, from the Picketpost Trailhead to the Kelvin Bridge.

Mark, Shannon and Beto  Photo credit: unknown

Like Brian, it was new bike day for Beto, too!  It was the inaugural ride for him on the new SuperB XC ~ the lighter, faster cross country version of the SuperB ~ and he’s currently running it as a singlespeed!

Photo credit: Shannon Villegas

Rumor has it that the SuperB XC is fast, stable, and smooth!

Photo credit: Beto Villegas

So, while the adults were playing on the Arizona Trail, a pretty spectacular 7th Grade Student-Athlete participating in the 2018 Arizona Interscholastic Cycling League (AICL) mountain bike race series was shredding trail during his pre-ride at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista!

Photo credit: Phil Mumme

Denton is riding the SuperB xc275 (formerly know as the Ariona), which is our lightest, fastest cross country race bike built with minimal weight in mind and is the only frame in the SuperB series designed solely for 27.5″ wheels.

Photo credit: Christa Trickel

Meanwhile…on the other side of the country…there was a sighting of yet another rainbow Chuparosa in the wild!  Jason spent some time on Saturday slaying Rocky Knob in Boone, North Carolina!

Photo credit: Jason Kelley

And, because that was just too much fun, he rounded out the weekend riding at the Whitewater Center with his girlfriend who is new to mountain biking.  Congratulations on both of your new ‘loves’, Jason!

Photo credit: Jason Kelley

But, wait!  There’s more!  Perhaps I’ve saved the best for last?!  Arizona’s legend, Mr. John Schilling was busy all weekend on the Havok!  He was in Tallahassee, Florida dodging alligators and training up his legs to outrun hurricanes.

Photo credit: Larry Bennet

Whoops!  Wrong photo.  (Sorry, John.)  No, really!  He was crushing the Tally Tango 160 on the adventure bike.

Photo credit: John Schilling

And, what an adventure it was!  We can’t wait to read his write-up, especially about the part where he came within a couple of inches from stepping on this guy’s snout!  What the what?!

Photo credit: John Schilling

Anybody who knows Schilling and, yet, still subjects themselves to an adventure with him knows they’d better plan big or stay home!  Schilling and his beautiful bride are still trying to make their way home from Florida as they’re dodging their third hurricane of the season!

Schilling sighting somewhere in the middle of Louisiana.
Photo credit: K. Schilling

Cheers, ya’ll!  Thank you for sharing your weekend and your passion for bikes with us!  Until our trails meet again!  ♥

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