Binary Bicycles was created to provide versatile, modern, and beautiful bike designs to customers who want a proven design built just for them.

My name is George Harris.  I recently finished up a 31-year career in the military as a helicopter pilot.  I’m still a full-time pilot flying for the state air rescue service in Arizona.  Back in the day, I was big into motocross and things with two wheels.  These days it’s mountain bikes.

I got interested in building up my own bikes, starting with Chinese carbon frames.  I built a couple of those, and then got into designing titanium frames and having them custom built.  I had not entertained the idea of owning a Ti bike before because they are so expensive, but having the frames built direct overseas reduces the cost substantially.

A while back, it occurred to me that other people might be interested in some of the designs I have on the drawing board, so the idea for Binary Bicycles was born.