Our Ambassador Family

Allow us to introduce the Binary ambassador family! Our riders share an incredible passion for nurturing the mountain biking culture ~ seeking out opportunities to use their bicycle to explore the vast outdoors. They have the grit to push themselves to the limit to get there and still have fun while doing it!

To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, the purpose in life is [not only] to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. Check out the individual bios on our riders, and you’ll see that the Binary family personifies that! We are honored to have them in our family helping us fulfill our mission, and we are thrilled to be part of their journey.

Dana Ernst

Grolar | Maniak | SSP

Dana’s obsession with cycling began after he was forced to take time off from trail running and rock climbing due to a series of injuries. Several years of dabbling with endurance mountain bike racing and a desire to spend more time in wild places eventually led him to bikepacking. Dana loves exploring new terrain on his bicycle, especially when he gets to share the experience with others. Dana is also the race organizer for Pinyons and Pines Bikepacking Race, as well as a regional advisor for Bikepacking Roots.

Bikepacking races allow me to combine my love of exploring new terrain together with pushing myself to the edge of my physical and emotional limits. You learn a lot about yourself when you are riding (and sometimes pushing) your bike for 20+ hours per day for multiple days in a row while not getting nearly enough sleep!

Greg Gleason

Gordita | Grolar | SuperB | SuperB XC

Cycling has become a lifestyle for Greg. When he’s not riding approximately 14,000 miles annually, he works full time and has a very active family life. As a very busy professional, Greg relies on cycling to relax and reduce stress. He commutes, trains, explores, thinks, and learns via his bike. In short, he eats, sleeps, and breathes ‘bike’!

I’m the perfect example of how cycling has made my life better. I have transformed my life from an overweight dad to a dad that sets an example every day on how to be adventurous. My adventure started with a basic goal to lose weight and improve my physical abilities. Now, my goals have grown to “What adventure can I do next to continue to grow as an athlete, individual, and role-model to my family and my cycling community?”

Steve Halligan

Grolar | Havok

Steve grew up on a small farm in the west of Ireland.  He spent most of his time outside playing football and working on the farm.  He rode bikes and enjoyed it to commute and explore a bit, but football was his main sport all the way through his teens and into his twenties.  However, it was only a short time after arriving to New Zealand in 2008 that Steve developed a huge passion for all things cycling.

Over the years, the races have got longer and the adventures bigger.  Cycling and ultra endurance racing have given me a real sense of purpose, a drive to explore my limits on every level.  It’s my biggest meditation, a sense of peace, and a union with nature.  And, it’s so much FUN!

Jennifer Hanson

Gordita | SuperB XC
Jen grew up riding horses and, of course, bikes as a kid.  In 2013, she resumed her cycling adventures by riding road bikes and quickly transitioned to mountain biking.  Jen’s first bikepacking experience was in 2016 when she participated in John Schilling’s Queen’s Ransom Route group ride, and she immediately fell in love!
I just love to go exploring on my bike and see different landscapes, climb mountains, and spread lots of good cheer.  It’s a happy place to be ~ pedaling on the bike, even hike a biking.

Janna Radarian


Janna loves human powered travel!  She started bikepacking in 2018 and realized that it combined her love for cycling and also getting into remote places that cars cannot take you.  She prefers dirt and gravel bikepacking routes.  Janna’s recent move to the Grand Canyon has opened even more doors for outdoor adventuring!  On the weekends, you can find her on her Kinetik searching out remote forest roads of Grand Canyon National Park and the Kaibab National Forest.  And, she spends a large portion of her summers extensively bikepacking.

My favorite part of cycling is hill climbing; it mentally and physically pushes me beyond what I perceive as my limits.  When I reach the top, the amount of success I feel drives me to the next mountain.  Bikepacking has expanded my limits – it is the hardest sport I have ever taken on, and I love the beauty that I find while challenging myself.

John Schilling

Havok | SSP

John is originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania.  His passion for bikes started back east in the BMX Freestyle Flatland scene.  He eventually moved west to attend college and was immediately drawn to the desert lifestyle.  A few years later, a friend introduced him to mountain biking.  John instantly fell in love and bought a bike the next day.  That was in 1994.  Nearly 15 years later, John learned about long distance events and began adding miles to his rides.  He quickly caught the bikepacking bug and has since become known in the mountain biking community as the Hike-a-Bike King.

John is a regional adviser for Bikepacking Roots, resides over the Arizona Trail Race, and is a Trailforks moderator for Arizona.

I love the freedom that bikes allow me, and the places they take me.  I love the people I meet and the friends willing to try out a new ‘adventure’ route not knowing how rideable the trails may (or may not) be.  I’m known to enjoy a good hike-a-bike!!

Chris Seistrup

Grolar | SuperB XC

Chris began building and riding bikes when he was a freshman in high school. After living most of his adult years in Northern Illinois, he and his family moved to Prescott, Arizona.  Chris immediately started riding more than he ever thought possible and began plotting routes all over Northern AZ.  In 2019, not only was Chris the first hemophiliac to ride in the Tour Divide Mountain Bike Race, he won the race!

I was born with Hemophilia, a bleeding disorder that reduces my blood’s ability to clot.  In 2016, I rode the Pacific Coast Highway to raise money and awareness for the bleeding disorder community.  In 2019, my goal was to become the first hemophiliac to ride in the Tour Divide Mountain Bike Race.  At the same time, I raised money for the Save One Life charity. Save One Life helps people with bleeding disorders all over the world.

The realization of the impact I have on the lives of others living with bleeding disorders is a huge source of motivation for me. Not only do I want to know what I am capable of, I can show a whole generation what they could do.

PJ Terry

Grolar | SuperB

Being a high school senior, PJ has tried his hand at all sorts of normal stick and ball sports before eventually finding the bike through his local NICA league.  After improving in XC racing, he was introduced to the Trans North Georgia and decided it sounded like the perfect challenge.  He didn’t know the first thing about bikepacking, but knew the TNGA to be a legendary route that needed to be tackled.  In 2022, PJ more than tackled it ~ he placed 1st overall!  And, he’s already got a long list of additional bikepacking race accomplishments.

I love bikepacking races for the people I get to meet, but also the time I get to spend with only my thoughts as company.  These races have taught me invaluable life lessons and true self reliance. Now I only hope to push the limits of my mind and body over greater distances!