Binary Falken Handlebars



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The Binary Falken handlebars are a great asset to any adventurer seeking durability and reliability on their journey!  They are ready for any off-road excursion, providing maximum comfort and control.

Overview and Reviews

When we designed the Binary Falken handlebars, we had bikepacking adventures in mind!  We carefully considered the rise and sweep to ease the angles on your wrists and shoulders for those long days in the saddle. With their titanium construction, the Falken bars manage to be both durable and compliant for a smooth, comfortable feel. The front loop makes it a great place to nestle a bag into and hang stuff off of. The Binary Falken handlebars are the perfect addition to your next outdoor expedition!
The Binary Falken bars are beautifully hand-brushed and have the following specifications:
    • 800mm width
    • 35mm rise
    • 25-degree sweep
    • 31.8mm stem

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