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Expertly crafted from featherlight grade 9 titanium tubing, our durable sandblasted bottle cage tips the scales at just 30 grams so you can shed weight without sacrificing bottle security.

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With a weight of just 30 grams, our titanium bike bottle cages are an exceptionally lightweight way to keep hydrated on your bike rides. Expertly crafted from seamless hollow grade 9 titanium tubing, our cages are both durable and incredibly resilient. Precision-formed from high-grade 9 titanium, the streamlined tubular construction makes them incredibly strong for their weight.  They’ll easily handle crashes and impacts that would likely bend aluminum or steel cages.

A subtle sandblasted matte texture finish gives the titanium an elegant frosted gray appearance without adding any weight. More than good looks, the clever rounded profile design allows easy bottle insertion and removal. Just think, that helps in eliminating unwanted snagging on clothing or gear during transitions! The slip-resistant titanium tube securely cradles your bottle, ready to handle whatever extreme demands your ride throws its way.  Whether you’re careening downhill singletrack, tackling brutal cobblestone streets, or off-road endurance racing, losing your bottle won’t be a worry.

Compatible with all standard bicycle water bottles, our titanium bottle cages are easy to install on any bike using the two provided bolts.

By opting for our exceptionally lightweight titanium bike bottle cages instead of bulky steel or aluminum holders, you streamline your bike weight as soon as adventure calls. Go titanium to shed grams so you can carry more ounces!

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