Thanks for stopping in.  The website is under construction but I wanted to open it up so that the information I have up there can be read, and to have the opportunity to listen to your input as I continue to put the pieces in place.

This is a site to sell bike frame designs.  The basic idea is to make a tested bike frame design available through CAD files and the BikeCAD file system so that the design can be sent to a frame builder and built according to the owner’s wishes.  There are several reasons why I arrived at this model, the most important of which is availability.  As a bike consumer, I’ve been very frustrated at not being able to get the bike or bike frame I wanted, when I wanted it.   Doing it this way means that a frame is usually in your hands in about six weeks.   That’s not instant gratification, but it’s better than waiting months sometimes, and sometimes for a bike that never comes.  Been there.

The Asian framebuilders take about 45 days to ship a frame, once the drawing is approved.  With a new design, the back-and-forth getting the drawing just right takes a majority of the time.  Once the OK is given, construction proceeds fairly quickly, and shipping is astonishingly fast, and relatively inexpensive through EMS, China’s international shipping service.  The frames travel by air, and typically get to my door in Arizona in about 7 days.   They go to the port at San Francisco, and pass through customs there.  Shipping usually runs about $150.

Since the drawings on this site are already finalized, the time spent correcting them is eliminated.  Shipping to your door may take a bit longer depending on how far from San Francisco you are.   Still, a custom Ti frame will be in your hands in about 60 days.

If you would rather use a domestic builder, that’s totally up to you, and your times will vary according to their schedule.  As time goes on I’ll post links to builders who are amenable to Binary Bicycles designs, and I hope that as customers get bikes built they will post info here about the build experience (and ride experience!)

Thanks for coming by.  Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or input.


George Harris

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