Youth on Binary Bicycles

Denton Trickel riding a rainbow PVD coated Binary SuperB 275 during a mountain bike race.

Encouraging and supporting efforts for getting more youth on bikes is something we feel very passionate about. Cycling is an excellent mechanism for strengthening the mind, body, and character. It also promotes individual achievement, sportsmanship, and teamwork. We like that. Of course, we’re slightly biased toward mountain biking!

Casa Grande Union High School Mountain Bike Team lined up during inaugural 2013 Arizona Interscholastic Cycling League racing series.
The Casa Grande Union High School Mountain Bike Team during the inaugural 2013 Arizona Interscholastic Cycling League racing series. It was an enriching experience to coach these  youth athletes and witness their personal growth physically and mentally.

Binary Bicycles is very proud and honored to have several student-athletes on our frames!  We recently caught wind that three of these young athletes were competing at the Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) Prescott Punisher.  Our luck would have it that we were able to close shop and retreat to scenic Prescott for a couple of days to cheer them on!

Three student athletes with their Binary Bicycles bikes during the 2021 MBAA Prescott Punisher race.
(left to right) Denton Trickel, SuperB XC ~ Maggie Basler, SuperB 275 ~ Chase Kulseth, SuperB XC
Interesting tidbit: all three of these youth athletes have ridden Maggie’s rainbow PVD coated SuperB 275 to the podium!

Chase Kulseth

Our youngest youth athlete is Chase Kulseth.  The SuperB XC is Chase’s frame of choice.  If you’re local to Arizona and perhaps even New Mexico, you’ve likely heard about Chase.  He’s the 13-year old with an already impressive racing resume who frequently competes in the Men’s Marathon division in races.  Then, because he hasn’t had enough, he’ll ride “sweep” for his age division.  Chase is the young man who podiums when he does race against his peers.  He’s Chase, and his name is perfect because trying to chase him is what you’re likely to do should you ever have the pleasure of riding with him!  We can’t wait to see where Chase’s racing career leads him as he advances under the guidance of Coach Ryan Geiger.

Chase Kulseth riding his Binary Bicycles SuperB XC during the 2021 MBAA Prescott Punisher race.
Chase raced in the Marathon Men Open division during the 2021 MBAA Prescott Punisher. He was running strong in 12th Place until he crashed hard during Lap 3 and mangled his derailleur. Chase managed to finish that lap and put in a solid 36 miles, finishing 13th!  (photo: Frozen Motion Photos)

Maggie Basler

One of our newest youth athletes, Maggie Basler, is quickly making a name for herself in the racing scene on her rainbow SuperB 275.  Maggie rode a mountain bike for the first time a little over a year ago.  Her introduction to racing was The 2021 Cactus Mini Cup Mountain Bike Stage Race in March ~ three days of racing featuring the Time Trial, The XC 40k, and Enduro events. Nothing like jumping into the deep end, right?!  Maggie crushed her Junior Women 13-15 competition with a 1st Place finish for the entire Mini Cup Series.  We’d say she’s got a knack for this racing thing!  Stay tuned for more from this girl, as she’s teamed up with El Grupo Youth Cycling to help her tap into her full potential.

Maggie Basler riding her Binary Bicycles SuperB 275 during the 2021 Cactus Cup Mountain Bike Race.
Maggie put on a great show during the 2021 MBAA Prescott Punisher by crushing her way into a 4th Place finish!  (photo: Scott Menard, The Cactus Cup)

Denton Trickel

Our first Youth Ambassador, Denton Trickel, is riding a SuperB XC this year.  Denton began mountain bike racing in 2018 as a 7th Grader in the Arizona Interscholastic Cycling League (AICL).  It didn’t take long for his competitiveness to shine through!  In 2019, as an 8th Grader, Denton swept the season with a 2nd Place finish for Race 1, followed by 1st Place finishes for Races 2-5 on our SSP!  Denton’s hard work earned him the 2019 8th Grade AICL State Championship.  Racing in the MBAA series is continuing to groom his racing techniques, and it’s been a lot of fun witnessing his growth!  Denton is an integral member of the Youth On Track Cycling team.

Denton Trickel riding his Binary Bicycles SuperB XC
Denton powered his way to a 10th Place finish during the 2021 MBAA Prescott Punisher!  (photo: Phil Mumme)

Nathan Vogelsang

Our newest Youth Ambassador, Nathan “Nate” Vogelsang, is fresh in the mountain biking scene.  Also a member of the Youth On Track Cycling team, he is quickly showing signs of strong potential and drive to excel in mountain bike racing.  Nate will be giving it his all on the SSP this year!  He and Denton have a very friendly yet highly competitive rapport with each other, and they will undoubtedly ratchet each other to better their skills and results.  We’re looking forward to watching it unfold!

Nathan Vogelsang riding his Binary Bicycles SSP on Casa Grande Mountain.
Nate makes a steep descent on Casa Grande Mountain look easy during a Youth On Track Cycling team training ride.  (photo: Phil Mumme)

We feel strongly about supporting our local community.  The act of giving back to the community in which our kids and we grew up resonates deeply with us.  Therefore, we’re excited to have the opportunity to sponsor a local nonprofit organization, Youth On Track Cycling.  Founders Phil and Debbie Mumme started the organization to attract youth of all ages by using BMX bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, and even motorized dirt bikes. The Youth On Track Cycling program has attracted kids with varying socioeconomic status, but the goals and outcomes are the same. Through quality interactions with mentoring adults, the youth strengthen their self-esteem and grow into responsible self-respecting young adults, in turn, positively contributing to their communities.  It’s a fantastic cycle to repeat!  We encourage you to stay tuned for more about this very worthwhile organization.

Until next time…

Happy trails!